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Curious campervans

Fresh Water Fittings Kit (Compatible with our Wheel Well & Undermount Tanks)

Fresh Water Fittings Kit (Compatible with our Wheel Well & Undermount Tanks)

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  • Designed for Wheel Well & Undermount Tanks
  • For use with Freshwater Systems
  • Versatile, Simple & Easy to Install
  • Detailed Instructions & Diagrams

This versatile kit was designed to accompany our wheel well freshwater tanks, as well as our undermount freshwater/grey tanks! Save yourself trips to the plumbing store with our "one kit fits all" fittings kit! 

Included are detailed instructions, diagrams, and even a few extra pieces so you can customize your setup! Make setting up your water tank a breeze with this quick setup kit!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Time-Saving - Save trips to various stores by buying this all-in-one kit.
  • Compatibility - Compatible with all of our wheel well and undermount tanks.
  • Detailed - Diagrams and instructions are included with the kit to break down exactly how to install your fittings kit.
  • Options - Comes with extra hardware to suite your individual needs.
  • Compatible - Use this fittings kit with any of our wheel well or undermount water tanks. 

Fresh Water Fittings Kit Includes: 

  • 1x 1 ¼" PVC 90
  • 2x ¾" PVC 90
  • 1x ¾" PVC Ball-Valve
  • 1x ¾" Nipple - 6" long
  • 1x ¾" Nipple - 4" long
  • 1x ¾" Nipple - 1 ½" long
  • 1x ½" Poly Adaptor
  • 2x ½" Poly Elbows
  • 2x ½" PVC Plugs (plugs not included with 10G, 15G, or 17G undermount tanks)
  • 2x #20 Hose Clamps
  • 2x #8 Hose Clamps
  • 1x Roll of Teflon Tape
  • 1x Fill Port
  • 5ft Fill Hose
  • 5ft ⅝" ID Vinyl Hose

Compatible with all Curious Campervans Wheel Well and Undermount Tanks.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLDER VERSIONS of our wheel well and undermount tanks!

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