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Complete Sprinter Water Tanks and Plumbing Bundle

Complete Sprinter Water Tanks and Plumbing Bundle

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Fresh Tank Placement
  • All in-one package for your Sprinter's fresh and grey water storage
  • Save time and money vs. buying separate components
  • 27 gallon Sprinter wheel well tank for your fresh water
  • 17 gallon undermount grey tank and stainless steel strapping kit
  • Fresh water fittings kit and strapping kit for easy installation and plumbing

Introducing the Sprinter Water Tanks and Plumbing Bundle!

Are you prepared to turn your campervan into a self-sustaining haven on wheels? Our unique package brings together four crucial items to innovate and enhance your water storage and setup process. It includes the 27 Gallon Sprinter Tank, Fresh Water Fittings Kit, 17 Gallon Sprinter Undermount Tank, and Strapping Kit for 17 Gallon Tank.

1. Sprinter Wheel Well Water Tank (27 Gallon): Mercedes Sprinter Wheel Well Water Tank is a game-changer! Besides fitting perfectly around those awkward wheel wells and providing a necessary freshwater supply, these tanks add additional sound proofing, so you can cruise down your favourite dirt roads without earplugs!

2. Fresh Water Fittings Kit (Compatible with our Wheel Well & Undermount Tanks):  This versatile kit was designed to accompany our wheel well freshwater tanks, as well as our undermount freshwater/grey tanks! Save yourself trips to the plumbing store with our "one kit fits all" fittings kit!

3. Sprinter Undermount Water Tank (17 Gallon): These undermount tanks save valuable space inside your van by creating grey water storage underneath your van. Alternatively, these tanks are food grade CSA certified, and BPA free, so you can also use them for extra freshwater storage.

4. Stainless-Steel Strapping Kit (for 17 Gallon Undermount Water Tank): Our Stainless-Steel Strapping Kit is designed to mount our 17 Gallon Undermount Tank. Like the tank itself, this strapping kit is compatible with both the Sprinter and Transit van.

Why choose our Campervan Water Storage and Installation Bundle:

  1. Comprehensive Solution: All the essential components you need for water storage and installation are included in one convenient bundle.

  2. Space Efficiency: Our undermount and wheel well tanks make the most of your van's interior and underutilized spaces.

  3. Durability: High-quality materials and construction ensure longevity and reliability on the road.

  4. Easy Installation: Our stainless steel strapping kit and freshwater fittings kit make setup a breeze.

Elevate your campervan adventures with the Sprinter Water Tanks and Plumbing Bundle! Whether you're a weekend explorer or a full-time nomad, this bundle equips you with everything necessary to stay clean and refreshed on the go. Get ready for a seamless installation and abundant water supply – order your bundle today and embark on your next adventure fully equipped!

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