Airtronic S2 Diesel Furnace Kit

Airtronic S2 Diesel Furnace Kit

Please note that this product can only be purchased with installation by GustoVans at our shop in Spokane Washington. Please choose an installation option before checkout.

The 12v Airtronic S2 Diesel Furnace kit provides up to 7500 btu of heat output.

Easy to install and user friendly.  Complete with all the necessary components needed.

  • Service life 5,000 h
  • Brushless motor
  • Use of the latest 'EasyStart Pro' Controller
  • Starting capability down to –46 °C(-50°F)
  • Stepless heating output (850 to 2200 Watts - 2900 to 7500 Btu)
  • Integrated altitude sensor:
    - Automatic altitude adjustment
    - Optimized combustion
  • Fuel consumption ~ 1 gallon/day

1F11-111AIRTRONIC S2 Diesel, 12 Volt, HEATER ONLY1E11-202D2-D4-S2 Floor Mounting Plate1E11-229S2 cable harness AX2 12V_24V1E22-151s-2/s-3 fuel pump plug1E21-120Easy Start Pro for S3, S21E22-120Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket D2-D4-D51E11-105S2-D2 Safety Screen 60mm1E11-214S2-D2 Air Straight Outlet Hood 75mm8 ftP15-1001/8" Fuel Hose per ft.4P15-1021/8" Fuel Hose Spring Clamp1P15-2021/4" to 1/8" Brass Reducer.2 ftP15-1201/4" Fuel Hose per ft.2P15-1211/4" Gear Hose Clamp
1X11-104S3-S2 EXHAUST MUFFLER 24MM3 ftX11-11024mm Exhaust flex pipe,D5/D4/Airtronic per ft.3X11-11324mm Exhaust Clamp1X11-11424mm Exhaust End Cap1 eaX11-103Air Intake Hose 25mm D4 Airtronic1P14-1023/4" Hose Clamps-Worm Drive1 ftA12-2003" High Temp Vent Hose per ft.1A13-1003"-4" High Temp Vent - Adjustable3P14-301Exhaust bracket for 24MM2A12-2013" Hose Clamps


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